The emergence of new technologies, the diversification of businesses and the evolution of design trends have transformed the streets of Denver in many ways over the last decade. Nothing illustrates this more than a look at the signs that have taken on a life of their own, pushing the boundaries of creativity and representing the culture and development of the city today.

A shift in trends

In the past ten years, Denver’s signage has undergone a significant overhaul. Relying less on traditional lettering and more on eye-catching, contemporary designs, the signs have become bolder, more creative and more colorful. There is a greater emphasis on the use of sophisticated materials, clever layouts and vibrant colors – even digital displays and sensors.

A reflection of the city

The most visually appealing signage usually incorporates the city’s logo, reflecting the culture and branding of Denver. Neon signs of the past are still used, but they have taken on a modern and minimalist aesthetic. The materials used, too, have had a major transformation over the last ten years. Architects and business owners are now sourcing more durable and interesting materials from places like Greyhawk Signs in Denver that stand out, including laser-cut metals, plexiglass and wood.

The sign of the future

Of course, the future of signage is what is most intriguing. With advances in technology, companies and city councilors are beginning to embrace the potential of digital signs, which can be easily changed and adapted in line with the city’s culture. Denver’s signs are certain to become even more dynamic, ensuring the city remains one of the most exciting places to visit in the years to come.