quality big sign service business signage

The success of your business depends largely on the quality of the signage and sign service Denver offers that you use to attract customers. Quality here means not only the usage of the right materials, colors, graphics and text components – it also means the right size. A sign that is too small is unable to grab attention, while a sign that is too large can be too dominant, so only signs of the right size can do a good job. Here are some important things to consider when figuring out how big your signs should be:

  • The message to be displayed – one of the factors that should determine the size of your signs is the amount of information to be displayed. Stick to essential information, such as your business name, a short slogan, your website URL and address and use an easy to read font to help readability;
  • The location of the sign – the distance from which your sign will be viewed and the speed at which the sign is passed by are essential factors. Indoor signs can be smaller because people have more time to read them, while outdoor signs, especially the ones installed near highways, need to be much larger. To get the size right, you can try out online letter size calculators.