Illuminate Your Business with a Cabinet Sign

Cabinet signsbox signs, or wall signs are large displays that can be non-illuminated or internally illuminated by many methods including LED, bulbs, fluorescent, and neon.

Light boxes can be single-sided or double-sided. While the most popular use of cabinet signs is single-sided, mounted flush to a wall, they can also be mounted on a base, on a pole,

perpendicular to a wall, and in many other ways.

These materials can be used to create dimension on a sign face:

  • FCO
  • Push Thru
  • Exposed Neon
  • Routed and Backed
  • Channel Letters (Front or Reverse)

Wall signs are perfect for businesses, churches, schools, internal signage, service centers, and much more.

The Importance of Sign Thickness

The thickness of a cabinet sign does more than imparting a more importance to the cabinet sign; it also affects the graphics.

The minimum allowable thickness of a cabinet sign depends on the type of internal lighting and the size and type of the sign face.

Generally speaking, the sign cabinet has to be made thicker the larger the sign face.

It is vital that the sign has enough thickness to prevent the effect of “hot spots” or “zebra striping” on the box sign face. Either of these errors makes your sign look “cheap,” no matter what its cost. At night, the sign may not be readable by those looking at it if these issues occur. You have seen those!

Box signs allow for an efficient way of utilizing large copy area and eye-popping graphics. They can be internally illuminated with either fluorescent lamps or LEDs.

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