What is a Pan Channel Letter Sign?

A pan channel letter is the most popular kind of sign letter. A single letter is made of metal ‘’known as the pan’’ shaped like a letter. The various lighting and electrical parts of the letter are placed inside the pan. Each letter can be mounted directly to a building. With a trim cap material, the letter pan and a plastic face are joined together.

The face is usually colored & translucent, making it easy to see the sign night and day from a significant distance.

Letter signs are an excellent way to let know passerby where you are located. You see them often in places like shopping plazas and malls, and retail centers.

Reverse Pan Channel Letters

Reverse pan channel letters are a type of sign letter. Like a regular pan channel letter, it is a “pan” shaped like a letter. However, they are referred as “reverse pans” because the letter has the metal on the bottom facing the fascia of the wall, unlike the regular type where there is an inward facing of the metal bottom. Reverse pan channel letters give a much elegant and softer look.

They are commonly seen in business parks, banks, medical plazas, and restaurants.

More Pan Channel Letter Options

  • Any font style
  • Caps with a color trim
  • They do not have lights
  • Lit with LED or neon
  • Translucent vinyl applied
  • Open faced where the neon tubes are exposed
  • Front lit so the face get direct lighting
  • Polycarbonate or acrylic faces that are colored
  • Custom logos, type styles, and numbers are available
  • Reverse lit, providing a halo appearance for a softer or intimate look

If you need channel letters in Colorado, please contact Front Range Company. All of our lighted signs are UL-rated and meet all local, state, and national standards. We custom make channel letter signs right here in Colorado exactly to your specifications and expectations! Call us today at (303) 946-0124, or request a quote here.