What Lighted Signs Are Made Of

There are various types of illuminated advertisements, made of different materials, on various resistance structures and illuminated with fluorescent tubes, modules or LEDs. Here are the most interesting:

 Plexiglas lighted signs – These light commercials are ideal for highlighting any brand. The special properties of Plexiglas ensure a perfectly uniform lighting and a particular appearance. This material is the best way to create special projects with multiple layers, colored Plexiglas or a sign with partial lighting.

Polycarbonate lighted signs – This is an elegant lighted signs Denver business solution that offers maximum visibility. It is an economical solution, compared to Plexiglas. Polycarbonate is a durable material, ideal for outdoor or large advertisements.

Dibond lighted signs – This option is ideal for companies that want to stand out from the classic designs. This material has a special aspect, is very durable and great for channel letters.

Backlit signs – This is the most economical version of the lighted signs range, being suitable for large products, ​​up to 50 meters.

Textile signs – This provides uniform lighting and excellent stability. Textile material has a nice aspect, intense colors and no shadows or imperfections. It is recommended to use them inside exhibition spaces.

Double Sided signs – These are designed to be mounted perpendicular to the wall and offer two display sides. They are not very large but attract the attention of pedestrian traffic.