Greyhawk Lobby Signs People Notice

Lobby signs are something that every business, no matter how big or small, needs to have. Numerous functions are carried out by these signs, including:

  • Allowing guests to know they have come to the correct place
  • Greeting visitors as they enter your lobby
  • Describing your brand and company
  • Giving the information and directions people need

Lobby signs Denver shops design are what customers notice in the first place when they enter your space. As a result, having the perfect custom sign installed in your lobby is essential to making a good impression.

Fortunately, sign companies provide a large selection to choose from.

Acrylic Custom Lobby Signs

These are sheets of transparent, translucent acrylic with your company name and logo printed. They are the ideal replacement for glass signage since they are more robust and will not break as easily. Acrylic signage has a sleek, contemporary appearance that can improve any lobby area.

Dimensional Letter Signs

Are you looking for more customization possibilities and depth for your sign? Dimensional letters are a fantastic option. These personalized signs are adaptable and provide numerous opportunities for customization. One is that they can be made of different materials, such as aluminum, acrylic, wood, dibond, etc. Dimensional letters are perfect for establishing your brand and spelling your company name.

Illuminated channel letter signs

Adding an LED sign to your lobby is another excellent advertising method. Numerous customization options, including illumination, are available for channel letters. Your sign becomes more memorable and appealing as a result. Channel letters, including your company logo, can be perfectly customized to reflect your brand. These signs will make you more visible to your customers and visitors.