Do's and Don'ts Business Signs

Signage is among the most common and most efficient solution for advertising and building brand awareness. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you make the most of your signs:

  • Do choose a great place for your signs – the best place for outdoor signs is a location free from obstructions, not too high and not to low, in a busy area where your building signs Denver area located businesses can reach out to the highest number of people;
  • Don’t use cheap materials – your outdoor signs need to be able to withstand any weather without getting prematurely damaged and your indoor signs also need to be able to resist specific wear and tear, so make sure that you use the best available materials;
  • Do use graphics and text – you should use your logo as well as your company name and adding your company details, including your phone number and website URL is a must, too;
  • Don’t use a crowded or too colorful design – limit the amount of information on your signs to what is really important and do not use more than two colors. You should also limit the number of fonts used to two and make sure they are all easy to read, clean and elegant.