office signs colors choices

A well-designed signage uses not only shapes and text to convey information and to grab attention – it also needs to make use of colors to create a harmonious appearance and to inspire trust.

The importance of the colors in your signage cannot be emphasized enough – here are some tips inspired from marketing techniques and color psychology to help you achieve the desired impact:

  • Use contrast to maintain readability – legibility is just as important as emotional impact, the best way to maintain the balance between the two being through contrasting colors. Whether you use light-colored text on a dark background or the other way around, make sure that the colors selected go well together;
  • Choose a color palette to reflect your brand personality – each color in your sign has a different message. Green is a calming color and the color of nature, red is the color of power, while orange is the color of dynamism, to mention just a few shades.
  • When choosing your brand colors for office signs Denver businesses, you should also pay attention to the values shared by the members of your audience and the colors that those values are associated with;
  • Take your time to find the best combination – while figuring out the best colors to use, you can try online logo generators that will show you options based on your preferences.