Exterior signs, whether lighted cabinets, dimensional letters or other types of signage, are varied in terms of design options as well as in terms of sizing – here are some things that you should know about the types and sizing solutions used for exterior signs:

  • It all depends on the viewing distance – getting the size right is essential for success – any outdoor sign that is too small will be unnoticed. The ideal size for your exterior sign is different if your typical viewer will pass by your business on the pavement and if they drive by at high speed. In the latter case, your signs will need to be much, much bigger;
  • The sign type is important – monument signs and billboards are large by definition, being solutions that work best for roadside advertising or for advertising facilities on roadsides, such as an inn or a restaurant;

Figuring out the ideal size for your outdoor sign is not easy.

For successful outdoor advertising in the Mile-High City, turn to local experts like Greyhawk Signs – your Denver sign company will know exactly how to create signs of maximum impact for you, helping you select the right material, creating the design, producing and installing your signs for you.