Create a Powerful First Impression with Retail Signage

Your sign can be the most important aspect of your business. Many people will see your business for the first time by looking at your sign. Your retail signage will generate your potential customer’s first impressions of your business.

Four Tips for Creating Powerful Retail Signs

1. Inviting and Positive Signs

The driving purpose of retail signage is to communicate with the customer. Businesses want their sign to establish a personal relationship with the customer, generating interest in their products and services. The retail sign should convey a clear message about what type of business it is. A simple description can also be essential. The sign should never introduce information about price, specific product information, or business policy.

2. Clear and Easy-to-Read

Simplicity is the key. Make sure your sign is clear and easy to read, as many people will be driving by your business over 30 MPH or walking by briskly without paying attention to their surroundings. Keep it short and to the point, using just the business name and possibly a logo. Avoid print and images that are small, as well as punctuation that is not necessary. Any information and slogans should be put on interior or ground-based signs.

3. Intuitive to Color Scheme and Letter Placement

Color schemes must be easy on the eyes and use contrasting colors. Yellow on white is not going to be easy to read. However, black and white is a classic example of contrast at its best. Be aware of letter kerning as well, making sure letters are well-spaced and not too close to each other.

4. Value Customization & Quality

Technology presents endless possibilities, and it is astonishing to see businesses that do not utilize resources when producing retail signs. Do not use handwritten signs, as they give an air of unprofessionalism. Businesses should work with professionals to create signs that cultivate quality and trust.

Signs will show your ability to be detailed and authoritative. To ensure this, your signs should always be accurate and clear. If there are inaccuracies or low quality, this negatively impacts your credibility.

Greyhawk Signs Company is a fully insured and licensed sign company in Colorado that will work with your business to ensure custom sign designs at a fair price. We have worked on and produced hundreds of Denver retail signs and are up to speed with city regulations and sign codes. We will handle all areas of installation and maintenance and will make sure that the sign provides the right aesthetic for your business. Contact us at (303) 946-0124!