quick tips neon signs design company

Outdoor signage is a powerful advertising tool, great for providing information about information and for attracting interest toward your products and services. If you have previously used only indoor signs and you are currently looking for inspiration to create your outdoor signs and neon sign building designs, here are some tips for you:

  • Limit the amount of information on the sign to prevent overcrowding – your company’s contact details, a slogan and a call to action are just enough. Add your company logo, too – it is an important component of your brand image;
  • Use graphics and colors consistently – your outdoor signs complement your indoor signage, so make sure to use the same design or a recognizable variation of your indoor signage to maintain consistency;
  • Choose the right location for your signs – you can place your outdoor signs on the pavement, above the door of your store and you can use exterior signage in other points of your neighborhood or your town to attract potential customers from more remote areas as well.
  • Wherever you choose to place your signs, make sure that the location is free from obstructions, such as electrical lines, trees or signage placed by other companies and also ensure proper illumination, either by using lighted signs or by choosing a well-lit place for your signs.