Most Popular Sign Service Ideas Design Implementation

The signage that you use for signaling your presence is an essential component in your strategy to make your business popular. If you are currently in the process of creating that impressive signage, here are some sign service Denver tips for you:

  • The right color combination – contrast is essential for noticeable, memorable signage. Using strong colors against a plain white or light-colored background is the classic solution, while light letters against a dark background can be used for creating more striking designs;
  • Readability – you should keep the text used on your signs to the minimum, limited to contact details and a short, concise slogan. The size of the lettering depends on where the sign will be used – you can use an online font size calculator or guide to figure out the best dimensions;
  • Use illumination – lighted signs are the most visible of them all, therefore they are the best for attracting attention during the day and during the night as well. The decision to use illumination allows for special, very attractive solutions, from box signage to illuminated channel letters. The best source of light to use is LED illumination added behind, under or above your signs, depending on the option that best fits your sign design.