Lighted sign ideas design sign company

Illuminated signs are among the trendiest signage solutions today, preferred for their versatility, durability and excellent visibility. LED lights and neons are the two most common illumination solutions for these lights, two types of lights that can be used to create almost any design.

Here are some creative lighted sign designs to inspire you:

  • LED strips for the wall inside and outside – RGB or RGBW LED strips can be freely combined, bent and twisted to create the right design. The strips offer resistance to the elements and superior durability, being suitable for any environment;
  • Monument signs – these large, freestanding signs are used outdoors and they work best for hotels or roadside restaurants that want to attract the attention of potential customers from afar. They can either use LEDs or spot lights installed at the base of the sign and directed toward the information to be highlighted;
  • Channel letter signage – these signs are suitable for being used indoors as well as outdoors and they can be illuminated either from the back or front the front;
  • Digital message centers – these large, screen-like devices can be placed anywhere and they can be used for displaying large amounts of information in an attractive way. Some of the best sign designs can be found locally from Greyhawk Signs in Denver.