The Best Letter Signs in Denver Colorado — Custom Channel Lettering

Channel letter signs are a custom-made exterior sign most commonly used on the buildings of business for exterior signage. An illuminated channel letter sign is the most popular type of exterior sign. LED letter signs are ever more popular because of their longevity and savings. However, neon signs are still prevalent for their unique look and feel. Our signs are designed to catch your attention during the daytime and at night. When you drive past a strip mall at night, all those beautiful signs that light up are most likely lit channel letter signs. 

Our team of experts at Greyhawk Signs are happy to assist you with your commercial neon sign or LED signs in Denver and throughout the Front Range! Our dedicated project managers will oversee your signage project, so you don’t have to. 

Colorado Channel Letter Business Signage — Exterior Sign Design & Sign Installation

This style of business signage can be lighted or non-lighted. These wall signs can be flush mounted to your wall, or they can be mounted to a raceway, which is then painted to match the wall. Another popular option for a business sign is reverse-lit pan channel letters. This signage style shines a light back at the wall instead of shining the light forward (also known as front-lit). This lighting style creates a nice “halo effect.” These signs can also be made “open-faced.” Open-faced lighting is most common when using neon for illumination. Channel letter sign design can even be made with a combination of front lighting and back lighting to create that one-of-a-kind look.

Most of our lettering signage is illuminated with LEDs and come in a variety of colors. Our LED signs are UL Rated and meet or beat all local, state, and national standards.

Denver Colorado Customized Sign — Custom Commercial Outdoor Signs & Sign Installation

All our signs are custom made right here in Colorado, precisely to your specifications and expectations. Our commercial signs are project managed by our team so that you’re never stressed or inconvenienced during the installation process. Whether it’s outdoor signage or interior signs, we have dedicated project managers who will oversee your project every step. 

No customized sign project is too big or too little. We take great pride in our lit channel letters and creating and installing the best letter signs in Denver. Give us a call, and we can discuss what sign type is best for you and get started on your sign and lighting project today.