choosing fonts for business sign signage company

Readability and design that captures attention – these are perhaps the two most important aspects to consider when choosing the font or fonts to be used on your business signage. It might be tempting to choose a font that is artsy and complex, but in most cases, it is not a good idea.

Choosing a company such as Greyhawk Signs of Denver is also an important step in designing your business sign as they have the experience needed to get the best results. Here are some tips to find the best fonts for your new sign:

  • The usage of the sign – indoor and outdoor signs behave differently in terms of legibility. Simple, common fonts, such as Arial or even Times New Roman might look great on an indoor sign, but they might not be suitable for a large outdoor sign;
  • The casing – mixed casing is usually considered to be unattractive, the best solutions being capitalization for single words and all lower case for strings of words;
  • Sans-serif fonts are best – serifs are the small lines at the end of a stroke in a letter. While in printed text or when used in website content displayed on screens serif fonts look elegant and confer unique style to the page, business signage, whether outdoor or indoor, looks better with fonts that do not feature serifs (also called sans-serif fonts);
  • The number of fonts – any sign that uses more than two fonts looks clittered, therefore you should stick to a maximum of two typefaces.