businessman advertise customize lighted signs storefront

Lighted signs can help a business company to differentiate itself from the competition and to remain visible even at night and while it is closed. Using lighted signs is important for a business, being one of the most effective means of advertising.

However, there are also things that people commonly get wrong about lighted signs.

1. Lighted signs consume a lot of electricity

Although they are made to work at night and their size and complexity can be impressive, they do not consume so much energy, and this is because they work with neon or LED technology – both being energy-saving options. In addition, the brightness of these lighted signs can be adjusted, depending on the design. The maximum light diffusion angle is 360°.

2. Lighted signs do not match my business

This is a misconception, because, in reality, lighted signs Denver area can be completely customized, depending on the specific needs of each client. In fact, although they represent one of the most effective marketing options, lighted signs are not standard products, but can be made in various sizes, shapes and colors.

3. Lighted signs are more expensive than regular advertising

Lighted signs can be made of different materials, so they are more affordable than you may think. In addition, they are not restricted by time constraints. On the other hand, the costs of TV advertising, for example, extend to huge amounts for only a short period of advertising.