Greyhawk signage upward trends

Retailers have been long using various types of signage – whether their choice is to use electrical signage, A-frame signs, banners, billboards or signs inside their store intended to provide directions, all forms of signage are influenced by trends. Here are some that are the hottest right now:

  • Neon signage – the solution is suitable for executing bold designs and neon signs are also easy to read and visible from longer distances as well. Neon signs are suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor usage and they are the most energy-efficient options of all types of illuminated signs;
  • Clean lines and simple designs – elaborated, ornamental signage design is a thing of the past. The trendiest signs feature clean, delicate or rugged lines and color gradients to make them stand out;
  • Digital signs – the devices on which these signs be LCD displays, LED marquees or digital advertising centers. The solution is usually preferred by retailers that have lots of information to display and very frequent promotions that their audience needs to know about;
  • Textured designs – combining smooth and rough surfaces, shiny and matte components in the same sign is another hot trend;
  • Wayfinding signs on the floor and suspended from the ceiling – easy navigation is key in any store, that’s why wayfinding signs are considered to be so important and convenient these days. For great signage for your business look to