Sign Maintenance Tips Business Advertising

Business signs are usually made from durable materials, especially the ones intended for being used outdoors. However, even the sturdiest business signs Denver area need some maintenance every now and then – here are some tips how to take good care of them:

  • Cleaning electrical signage – whether you contact your signage company to clean your signs for you or you do it by yourself, your electrical signs need to be turned off and dismantled before the actual cleaning is performed, then the cleaned individual components need to be cleaned and dried, after which the signage can be reassembled;
  • Check regularly for ponding water – take a look at your outdoor signs after storms and rainy days and check for any water that has accumulated inside or at the base of the signs. You need to get rid of that water as soon as you notice it – be extra careful with electrical signage, current and water are a dangerous combination;
  • Replace damaged components – signage maintenance should involve the replacement of damaged parts as well. In most cases, you will need your signage company for that task – many types of damage can only be fixed with special tools and experience is also a must.