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The signage you use inside and outside your business premises is essential for getting your business noticed. If you are currently looking for a sign company Denver area to create new signs for you, here are a few tips that you should have in mind when picking the right design:

–         Use the right type of signs – business signage comes in many types and forms, from banners, A-frame signs, flags, dimensional letters and many others. You can use multiple sign types, the important thing is to pick the types that best suit the space that they will be installed in. Flags and banners work best for interior spaces while A-frame signs and channel letters are great choices for being used outdoor;

–         Use the right size – another important feature of business signage is sizing. To determine the best sign size, consider the distance from which the sign will be typically seen. There are many great charts available online that can help you calculate the best sign size;

–         Use contrast – if you use sign types that have lettering as well as a background, such as banners, try to figure out the best color combination to create contrast for better visibility. You can choose darker lettering against a white or light colored background or light colored lettering against a darker background for a more dramatic effect.