Lighted Signs Number 4 Ideas

Besides providing information, grabbing attention is the other essential function of business signs.

Here are some ideas for custom signs Denver area designers give that can help you raise interest instantly:

  • Using an upside down sign – playfully encouraging the onlookers to use their brains a bit to figure out your sign is a great way to attract attention as well as to add some fun to communicating with your audience;
  • Using lettering that is decreasing in size – the solution attracts attention and engages passers by raising their curiosity to figure out your entire message, the small lettering included;
  • The combination of witty, acceptably cheeky text and minimalist design – make sure that your slogan will not offend anyone and includes humour that everyone understands and place that text on a minimalist background, with nothing more than a logo on it;
  • Use a funny mascot – mascots are usually cute and happy, therefore they are great tools for making your business more personable. If you already have one, add it to your road signs – if you have previously use no mascot, get a cute one designed and use it wherever you can, on the sidewalk in front of your shop, on your billboards as well as on your digital signs.