channel lighted signs books to read

“The Channel Letter Sign Sales Handbook” – by B. Reicherter

This book is definitely interesting for people in the channel letter sign market. If you look for basic knowledge of channel letter signs (how to construct, install and sell them, how to choose reputable vendors if you are not equipped to create them yourself etc.), this handbook will provide you interesting information.

Besides, it will also help you become more familiar with the channel letter terms, as well as with the process to apply for permits.

“A tech guide for signage: – by

This book offers useful information on fabrication, installation and engineering dimensional design, being a great resource for creative companies, architects and graphic designers. You can learn the basics about the design and fabrication of sign products, as well as insight for planning and project management.

 “Signage and Wayfinding Design”: – by C. Calori and D. Vanden-Eynden

This book uses a cross-disciplinary approach, being a great information resource for graphic designers, interior designers, landscape architects and industrial designers alike.

Sign Painters – by F. Levine, S. Macon, E. Ruscha

This book documents the evolution of advertising signage. You can learn about those hand-lettered billboards, store fronts and street signs of the past and educate yourself to appreciate quality and craftsmanship. The features stories and photographs will also make this book an enjoyable read.

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