Dimensional letters are 3D signs that can be either illuminated or unlit, but in either form, they provide attractive solutions from a local sign company that are suitable for any type of business and for any environment. Here are some tips for using these great signs:

–         signaling the presence of your business with lights – dimensional letters are very efficient in environments where there is a lot of competition, where there are many companies fighting for the attention of passers-by. If the businesses around you use illuminated signs, you simply can’t afford not to use one, too;

–         use your own font – creating a new font or using variations on existing fonts is a great way to create an eye-catching, original sign for your business. You can either play with design options yourself or you can hire a professional designer for the job;

–         use dimensional letters inside and outside as well – using the same signage or variations on the same design above your entrance door as well as inside is a great way to create a consistent appearance for your business premises;

–         get the size right – the sizing that works best depends on the average distance between the sign and the place occupied by the viewer as well as on how complicated the design on your signage is.