Top 3 Fun Signage Greyhawk

Passers-by spend only a couple of seconds (usually not more than three) looking at your signage before deciding whether to visit the business that the signage belongs to, the design that you use with your signage being essential for your business success.

Your signs need to be able to grab attention and to make a lasting impression during a very short timeframe and it also needs to be able to communicate your brand identity convincingly. Getting that design right is no small task, so here are some fun ideas to give you some inspiration:

  • Pay attention to visibility – for outdoor signage, add one foot of sign size for every 10 feet of viewing distance;
  • Readability – your signage should provide all important information about your business, such as your name and contact details, but no clutter, such as congested text or too many colors;
  • Consider style – your sign should reflect the identity of your brand. If your business has a youthful, playful personality, you can use bright colors and bold shapes, but if your company sells luxury products or provides consultancy of some kind, your signs should use toned-down colors and fonts that exude a classic style to inspire trustworthiness, get more ideas at